Community Service

Alan Vandermade, CCIM, and Victor Hassan, Candidate CCIM, both from Vandermade, worked together as a team to represent a long established, growing church in San Jose to market the existing 30,000 sf facility with classrooms, offices, and sanctuary to accommodate 675 people, situated on just two (2) acres of land – and to locate and negotiate land on which to almost double the capacity of the sanctuary to hold 1200 people. Buyers were plentiful – the challenge was to find one who could remain in place for two and half years while a new property was located, contracted, designed, approved by the City of San Jose, and construction development completed.

Locating a site suitable for a church in San Jose is not what you might call “a Sunday School Picnic”. When one property was found, it proved to be too small. That was resolved by combining it with an adjacent property from another owner. The two properties made a total of seven (7) acres. The two escrows closed June, 2000, with a combined land cost of $2,500,000. Escrow on the sale of the existing building closed the end of January, 2001, at a sale price of $3,750,000. All financing for the new construction is in place. Just one problem – the new building has yet to be built. With a display of christianity, the two churches have worked out an agreement whereby they can share the original building while the new building is being completed. Obviously, God has had his hand on this transaction. The new building will occupy a very prominent hillside at the southern Gateway to San Jose, known for years as “Dove Hill” – a beacon of light for those who want to know the Way.

“Alan & Victor represented our church, Evangel Christian Fellowship, in an extensive search for a new location. They were also our broker on the $3.75 million sale of our current facility. Both transactions were very successful; Alan & Victor were a great help in the process. I know them to be careful, experienced, and professional real estate brokers and I recommend VANDERMADE highly.”

-Dr. David Cannistraci, Senior Pastor

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