Michael Chidambaram

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1140 Anystreet Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94965
Direct: 415.555.7777
Fax: 415.666.4444
Mobile: 415.222.8888
Email: mchid@vmade.com


Career Overview

Diversity is the hallmark of Michael Chidambaram’s real estate experience. Whether it be assisting clients in obtaining conditional use permits or negotiating complex institutional leases, Mr. Chidambaram’s broad industry knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit make him an asset to landlords and tenants alike.

Mr. Chidambaram’s real estate career began in 1995 procuring retail sites in Bombay, India for an international television network. At Wilbur Properties, a respected Palo Alto brokerage, Mr. Chidambaram focused on University Avenue street retail as well Silicon Valley office and retail projects. Prior to his partnership at Vandermade Commercial, Mr. Chidambaram was recruited to GVA Whitney Cressman to focus on retail and office leasing in San Francisco.

Professional Brokerage Experience

In the retail leasing arena, Mr. Chidambaram’s clients range from national chains to startup concepts including: Equinox Fitness, Circolo, Crash Nightclub, City Visions Entertainment, 330 Ritch Street Restaurant & Club, Chill Dessert Café, Diddam’s Party & Toys, Curves, Dollar Max, Earthsake, Z-Coil Shoes and Star TV. Mr. Chidambaram was also responsible for leasing Stevens Creek Central, a major San Jose retail center managed by Hart Advisors.

Mr. Chidambaram has procured Bay Area office space for a spectrum of tenants including Habitat for Humanity, National University of Singapore, Wildflower Linen, Miller and Fanwick LLP, Patni Systems, TCT Inc., Unive, India Community Center, and Jeena.

San Francisco Bay Area Retail & Restaurant Tenant Representation

Constantly changing regulations and an evolving retail landscape present unique challenges to Bay Area retail and food-use tenants. Mr. Chidambaram’s understanding of city planning, zoning, use permits, neighborhood restrictions, ABC licensing, and the entertainment/public assembly hearing process provide tenants with practical guidance both in site selection and navigating the complex bureaucracy of local government. His clients also benefit from his professional network of attorneys, architects and consultants specializing in Bay Area retail and food uses. By exclusively representing tenants, Mr. Chidambaram can act to secure the best possible lease terms and tenant improvement (TI) allowance for tenants without being influenced by Landlord obligations.


Mr. Chidambaram earned his Bachelor’s degree in Communication from Santa Clara University; He is a licensed California Real Estate Agent.

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